Our Adoption Fees, what's been paid and what we still owe.

The other day, I came across a great post in a Facebook Adoption Group.  The parents were posting about their adoption of 2 kiddos and I just love what they did, it's so simple, straight forward and honest.  They posted all of their expenses, what has been paid and what still needs to be paid in, as they put it "in an attempt to be totally transparent in their fundraising efforts.  It's a simple and great idea in my opinion and so, I am following suit.


5 Reasons Why Adoption Can Be Expensive

One of the biggest hurdles in an adoption from China is the cost.  That was 1 of the big reasons we almost decided to not pursue Aliza's adoption.  But after seeing her sweet face, we just knew we had to put our faith in God and trust that he would provide what we need to bring her home. To answer the question of why international adoption is so expensive, I found a great article that explains some of the costs on the Show Hope web site.


About 2 months ago, we received a message from a reporter at LittleThings.com.  She had found this blog and was interested in doing a story on our family and Aliza's adoption. Littlethings.com published this story in partnership with GOFUNDME.COM.  It was published last night on the LittleThings.com web site and facebook page.  Please feel to share everywhere.  We are still a long way from being able to bring Aliza home.


Progress!! Movement!! Yay!! : Reece's Rainbow

We finally finished our Homestudy and it has been approved!

This has allowed us to submit our I800a which will determine our suitability to adopt from China. Our biggest concern is the approval of the I800a can take weeks. So, we are crossing our fingers, thinking positive thoughts and praying this step moves quickly...

Schools out for summer!!! Reece's Rainbow

School's out for summer here in Hartford, WI...
And with the start of summer break, we have another awesomely fun fundraiser happening... SUPER HERO CAPES... WITH MASKS!! When I first saw this fundraiser, I right away thought of all the kiddos we know and are connected to through school, Little People of America, through Adoption and through the various special needs groups we are connected to. After all, aren't our kiddos our Super Heros? And so many kids love playing dress up.

Please feel free to check out these capes by clicking the link below that leads to the info sheet that will tell you all the details about the capes, the cost, how to order, etc. Again, if you would like to order, please email me all your details, name, address, email and order details to Nancy.gehrung@gmail.com and you can submit payment to me at PAYPAL.ME/NANCY GEHRUNG

Here is a link to the details about the capes do below are some pictures: